The Institute for Christ Centered Manhood aims to foster a desire in men to be the kind of Christ centered fathers, husbands and sons that can lead their families to God and his will in an immoral and wicked world. The Lord challenged his servants to be “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves” see Mathew 10:16. As men and leaders of homes, families, business, and communities, we can play a major role in a renaissance that will return integrity to our spheres of influence. This effort is facilitated in part by this forum and blog where ideas may be shared and problems discussed. I also offer my services as a guest speaker and consultant in organizations, church groups, and service clubs. My fees and rates are available by emailing a request.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Questions/thoughts about Manhood

As I work on developing new presentation material and lectures.  I am curious to find out about your opinions. 

Do you have a favorite scripture (from any religions’ canonized scripture) dealing with what it means to be a man?

Or do you have any favorite character in these scriptures (besides the Savior) that you feel is a good example of principled leadership?  Why?

Leave me a comment (anonymous or not.  It does not matter). 

If you know of any conferences or workshops being developed that may need a speaker, please feel free to pass along my information.  Or if any of you want a brochure and description of my services, please feel free to pass along a request with an address and I will send you a copy of my informational packet. 


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