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Monday, April 9, 2012

Leadership Toolbox: 30 tools for leading in your organization.

The Institute for Christ Centered Manhood: Becoming and Leading in Life and Business presents:

A Leadership Toolbox: 30 tools for leading in your organization.

I just finished laying out a new workshop (needs a little tweaking but I thinks it’s ready for an audience).  I am hoping to try it out at a couple of conferences sometime this year.  Below are visuals (click on them to get a better look) of the tools in the four categories.  I am going to put them together in a brochure where I briefly describe each tool.  Send an email to be added to my distribution list and receive a free copy. 

In the process of leading for excellence and fostering the growth of leadership in organizations, a
leader must develop a tool box if you will full of tools that he may utilize in helping his organization to excellence.  I delineate 30 essential leadership tools in four categories: Selection & Training, Vision & Outlook, Attitude & Energy, and Strategy & Planning.

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  1. looks interesting George. Let me pick one of those brochures up next Sunday.